Scalp Micropigmentation Costs

Our SMP service offers a more affordable option for a receding hairline and for individuals with expansive hair loss which requires full scalp coverage. Individuals with alopecia, male and female pattern baldness or thinning hair can also benefit from Scalp Micropigmentation.

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost with Dermo Hair?

The cost of SMP is one of its major benefits. The Scalp Micropigmentation process is less invasive, quicker and far more cost-effective than hair transplant procedures.

If you’re wondering about how much SMP costs, the quickest answer would be that it depends on each individual patient as we will need to take into account the specific area to be treated and the number of treatments required.

Scars/Alopecia & patches SMP

Seeing a visible scar can be an ongoing reminder of an accident or surgical procedure. Scalp micropigmentation is an effective way to conceal scars and regain confidence. Usually 2-4 sessions required.

£ 650 per session

Receding hairline and SMP Top-ups

There is no longer any need to feel self-conscious of your receding hairline. With the careful application of micropigmentation, a receding hairline can be completely concealed by one of our leading SMP experts.

Hair loss and hair thinning often occurs first on the top of your head. Camouflaging the area with scalp micropigmentation offers an effective solution to this problem. Usually 3-4 sessions required.

£ 800 – 950 per session

Whole head balding SMP

Expansive hair loss or balding can cause great distress and hair transplant procedures are both costly and similar to natural hair in that transplanted hair will shed and thin over time.

Scalp Micropigmentation offers a longer-lasting result and any top-ups are relatively inexpensive when compared to the costs of hair transplant procedures. Usually 3/4 sessions required.

£ 900 per session

SMP Repair

If you are in need of SMP repair, Get I touch with us for to find out how we can help you.

Usually 1 session and a Top-Up is required.

£ 900

Deposit/Booking Fee (non-refundable)

All new client bookings are required to pay a non refundable deposit/booking fee – £ 200 The Dermo Hair SMP procédure

To alleviate any discomfort, a numbing agent will be applied to the area that will be treated.

On average, depending on the area to be treated, 3 or 4 treatments may be required. This is to allow for the sufficient layering of dots to achieve a realistic result.

Care and aftercare

At Dermo Hair, our expert practitioners understand that you may have concerns before and after the procedure. Your practitioner will discuss your skin type and any conditions such as psoriasis which may need to have cleared up before treatment can be performed. You will be given a guideline on the time each treatment will take, how to take care of the area and if repeat procedures will be needed to achieve the best possible result.